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Gesso, mediums, primers

Everyone knows that if you want a house to be strong, you must build it on a good foundation. The same principle is applied to any creative project. No matter how expensive the paint is, no matter how talented the artist is, if the base of the future project is primed incorrectly, there is no guarantee of success. The paint may crack, the texture will peel off over time, and the color will fade. In order to prevent this from happening, and to be confident in making a successful project, you need the right primer. Fabrika Decoru offers a wide range of mediums and gesso primers of its own production, which can satisfy the most creative artist.

What is the difference among a primer, medium and gesso?

First of all, it's color. You can make the basis of your future work white or transparent, keeping the pattern of the surface on which you are going to work. Beige color will be perfect in the case of creating vintage works, black - for fans of extravagance.

Second is the consistency. The most liquid consistency have primers on acrylic dispersion by Fabrika Decoru. Their peculiarity is that with their help the surface can be covered with a thin layer. If the color of the base is dark, then it will be necessary to cover the surface in 2 layers. Primer manufactured by Fabrika Decoru is excellent for creating a smooth base, followed by the application of paints, pastes, gluing various embellishments.

Mediums have a thicker consistency. They cover the surface in one layer and can be used as a base for mixing with Deco acrylic paints, Magic dry paints, deco toppings, glitter, Fabrika Decoru pearlescent powders. Also, Fabrika Decoru transparent mediums can be used as a finishing coating and for gluing small embellishments.

The densest in structure is Gesso. It can also be used as a primer, but not only smooth. Using Gesso you can create a textured surface. It depends on the thickness of the layer and on the method of application.

The third important difference between primer, medium and gesso is the sheen of the resulting coating. Some products are absolutely matte after drying, others are silky matte, and others are super glossy.

Only you can decide, which of the offered products in this line by TM Fabrika Decoru suits you. The main thing is that all products are of high quality and meet the most demanding requirements in terms of characteristics. Therefore, carefully read the description for each product and follow the rules for use and storage, and you will never be disappointed with Fabrika Decoru products!

You can buy cheap primer, medium, gesso in the Fabrika Decoru online store wholesale and retail at manufacturer's prices with delivery all over the world.