Velvet powder  for bright and colorful creative projects

Velvet powder is used in handcrafts, scrapbooking, and creativity to create expressive decorative accents on various surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic, or metal. With the help of velvet powder, you can get the effect of velvet surface on the pages and covers of albums, notebooks, postcards, decor items, jewelry or toys. When decorating or working on a creative project, use a rich palette of different shades of velvet powder - this will allow you to make an imitation of thick green grass, fluffy white snow, blue clouds in your work. If you decorate a box or organizer, please be sure to use velvet powder for the inner surfaces. This will create a pleasant-to-touch, beautiful, rich surface that will protect your jewerly from scratches. You can also make a velvet relief by applying powder to a texture paste or any convex surface. For example, when decorating Christmas balls, velvet powder is an irreplaceable material, with a dense and uniform velvet texture that embellishes toys with unique and original decor.

How to work with velvet powder?

Use a good quality open-layer glue to securely adhere the velvet powder to any surface. We recommend using Glue liquid adhesive tape from Fabrika Decoru. It is very easy to work with it, just apply a small amount of glue to the area to be decorated and wait for some time. Once dry, the Glue liquid adhesive tape becomes crystal clear and very tacky, creating an ideal surface for applying velvet powder. In order for the powder to lay down evenly, we recommend not just pouring it onto the surface to be decorated, but rubbing it in with a circular motion. This application will provide a dense, uniform layer of powder without bald spots.

As an alternative and simplest method of fixing velvet powder, we can recommend using double-sided tape from the Adhesive Tape section in the Fabrika Decoru store.

Where to buy velvet powder?

You can buy velvet powder for needlework, creativity, and scrapbooking, wholesale and retail at low prices in the Fabrika Decoru online store. We guarantee fast collection and delivery of your order by any of the available postal services in Kyiv, all cities of Ukraine, and worldwide.