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Decoupage cards and napkins

Various types of arts and crafts are becoming more and more popular and in demand, thanks to the opportunity to escape from daily routine, while allowing you to realize your own hidden abilities, throw out emotions, show your fantasy, in the end just relax.

One of these fascinating types of arts and crafts is the Decoupage technique. Decoupage cards and decoupage napkins are ideal for creating something new and unusual from old and already unusable things. With their help, you can decorate worn-out, but still sturdy furniture, bring new life into an old lamp, or make an original gift or souvenir.


Features and types of decoupage cards

Decoupage cards are matte color or black and white images printed on thin one-sided paper with a density of 40 to 80 g/m2 with a specific pattern and design. These can be antique-styled photos in black and white or sepia, greeting cards and stamps, newspaper clippings with illustrations, background images with textures of wood, metal or stone.

The sizes of decoupage cards can be different, from rather large canvases to the size of small postcards and cards. The specialized online store Fabrika Decoru presents several formats of decoupage cards:

Decoupage cards in A3 format;

Decoupage cards in A4 format;

Beginners often confuse the concepts of decoupage cards and decoupage napkins. Let's try to explain the difference between these two materials.


What is the difference between decoupage cards and decoupage napkins?

Napkins for decoupage have a different structure and paper density than decoupage cards. They are softer and lighter, due to this they are better suited for working with bulky objects of complex shapes, such as vases, bases for sconces and floor lamps, other household items and kitchen utensils. The sizes of napkins can also be different, but the most common formats are: 21 x 33cm, 33 x 33cm

Images on napkins can be similar in theme and style to decoupage cards, except that the choice of images on napkins is not as great as among decoupage cards.


How to use decoupage cards and napkins?

If you decide to decorate an object using the decoupage technique, then for this you should first select the object itself and decide on the final design and the result that you would like to get. Based on this, you need to buy decoupage cards or napkins, as well as auxiliary materials, such as glue and decoupage varnish. In addition, you will need a ruler, scissors and a mounting mat.

The process of creating a decorative product will depend on the chosen format and material, whether it is a decoupage card or a napkin. Napkins have a thinner base, so you should be careful when applying glue and their further usage. In the manufacture of decoupage cards, a slightly thicker paper is used, therefore, it is easier to work with, but it is more suitable for use on flat or sloping surfaces, without complex bends.

The next step is composition and fitting. Place the decoupage card or the pictures cut from it directly on the work surface as they should look on the finished object. Put a few marks to guide you through the gluing process. Do not ignore this stage. Otherwise, it will be difficult to do everything neatly. An important remark - the surface of the object on which the images will be glued must be clean and dry.

Next is the application. Avoiding overflow, apply a thin layer of special decoupage glue on the reverse side of the decoupage card or napkin and spread evenly over the surface. Give some time for the glue to dry.

Then, you can glue the picture on the object. Try to glue the picture in such a way as to prevent air bubbles from appearing on its surface: first attach one of its edges and gradually roll the rest of it from it.

Working in the decoupage technique when decorating various objects or creating an original decor will be a very interesting and exciting activity for everyone. This type of arts and crafts promotes mental relaxation and self-realization. It has been proven that handmade has a positive effect on the inner state of mind, helps to relax.


Where to buy decoupage cards and napkins?

You can buy novelties and goods for decoupage wholesale and retail on the website of the Ukrainian manufacturer of goods for Decoupage and Scrapbooking Fabrika Decoru. The store offers a wide range of themed decoupage cards and decoupage napkins with a large selection of patterns and designs. The store staff will ensure fast assembly and timely dispatch of orders by postal services in Ukraine, the CIS countries and the world.