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Hello everyone!Olenka (@olvenka_art) is with you today. I am sharing with you my new planner made from the eco leather.Making planners is always an in
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Everything for planners and diaries

The modern life of a successful person is impossible without planning. Every day we have to face a lot of tasks, which are sometimes very difficult to cope with not having a well-thought-out plan. To avoid the chaos that leads to stress, you need to make a plan for the day, week, or year. It will keep you calm and organized even during your busiest days.

There are many notebooks and planners on store shelves that can help you to plan your time, but you can make or decorate a planner yourself by using decorative elements, stickers, and accessories.

What is a planner? Main features of planning

A planner is a separate type of diary. It consists of several blocks, each block must be filled in with the appropriate information. This notebook serves as a personal time planner. It may contain the following sections:
  • To-do list for a day/month/year.
  • The set goals and tasks.
  • Trackers of good habits or mood. The tracker is a field divided into sections, which, depending on the completion of the task or the achievement of the goal, must be filled out regularly, by leaving appropriate notes. E.g. there is a water balance tracker during the day, a running or yoga tracker, and so on.
  • Wish lists.
  • Calendar with important dates and events.
  • Pages with your own thoughts, conclusions, and impressions.
  • Important phone numbers.

Why is necessary to start and fill in a planner?

A planner is not just a colorful notebook, it is an organizer of your own time. With it, you will forget about late arrivals and postponed cases. Such notebooks motivate you to achieve goals and develop good habits.

Planners design

Keep in mind that a beautiful design will draw even more attention to your planner, so you should take good care of its unique and stylish decoration. In Instagram and Pinterest networks you can find a huge number of ideas for the design of the planner.

Its pages can be designed in the same style, or have completely different designs. People around the world keep notebooks and do it beautifully. It's like a separate kind of art. Finding extraordinary performance patterns on the Internet, you can get inspiration and ideas for designing your personal planner. It is also a good opportunity to improve your creative skills and to demonstrate your own creativity in front of colleagues.

You can diversify the pages and fields of your planner by using markers, felt-tip markers, pencils, or liners. You can also use stickers, pictures, paper inserts and magazine clippings, staples, stickers, and flair buttons.

Where to buy planners accessories

The online store for hobbies and creativity "Fabrika Decoru" offers to purchase everything you need to create planners at affordable wholesale and retail prices. There are ring mechanisms for A5 and A6 formats with chrome and gold plating, as well as stickers (decals) with motivating inscriptions, bright drawings, a list of existing cases and events, typical lists of days of the week and months on the website in the section ALL FOR PLANNERS. In general, all that is needed for a beautiful and stylish decoration of planners and diaries.

In the Planner Covers section, you will find many design options for your planner cover made of eco-leather with gold or silver embossing - an elegant novelty from Fabrika Decoru.


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