Shakers - Dimensional Windows and Frames for scrapbooking and creativity

Shakers - Dimensional Windows and Frames for scrapbooking and creativity

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Shakers for scrapbooking and creativity. What is a shaker?

Passion for creativity and hobbies helps to relax, relieve stress. Such art therapy can be provided by any entertaining activity, and of course, the desire to do something with your own hands, for example, beautiful invitations and cards, original albums, notebooks, diaries. The next question that arises is what decoration components can be used so that the final result is original, not like everyone else's? One of such outlandish decoration can be a shaker - this is a novelty that recently appeared, but is already very popular among craftsmen all over the world.

What is a shaker and how is it used in scrapbooking?

A shaker in scrapbooking is used as an accent, independent decor. This is a funny and non-trivial decoration, which is a three-dimensional outline of a minifigure, for example, in the form of a heart, a butterfly, or a balloon. There are colored sand, sequins, small glass balls, or multi-colored beads usually poured inside.

To prevent this decorative filling from spilling out, the outline of the figure is covered with a transparent film on top. If you take an object decorated with a shaker in your hands and shake it slightly or tilt it alternately in different directions, then the shiny contents visible under the film will begin to sprinkle and sparkle fascinatingly under the rays of light. The name of this unusual decorative element comes from the English word “to shake”. Due to its originality, the shaker will look equally good both on a children's and on a graduation or wedding photo album, a greeting card or gift wrapping.

Features and types of shakers for scrapbooking

The advantage of a shaker as a decorative element is that you can buy a shaker by choosing from a large assortment of different shapes and recognizable contours. For example, on the Fabrika Decoru website, you can choose TV shakers, house shakers, window shakers, snowflake shakers, and even light bulb shakers. The sizes of shakers range from 5-6cm to 15-20cm. Megachipboards can also be used as shakers, if you glue several identical parts together, and glue an acetate film on top.

In addition, you can make an original decoration or a Christmas tree toy out of the shaker if the shaker window is sealed with transparent film on both sides, and bright sequins in the form of stars or snowflakes are poured inside. Such an elegant toy, if hung on a Christmas tree, will sparkle and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, amusing both children and adults.

Thus, decorating a shaker is also a kind of art, because its content and background, if you try, can also be made original and bright.

Keep in mind that you will need to purchase the required filler for the shaker separately, various types of which can be found in the section “Decoration”  of the Fabrika Decoru online store.

What is a shaker made of?

The shaker design includes several mandatory elements:
● Base layer made of thick colored cardboard, on which you can glue a picture with an image or photograph;

● Volume frame made of lightweight material 5mm thick;

● Acetate transparent film;

● Top frame made of cardboard of different colors and textures: gold, silver, craft cardboard ...

How and where to use scrapbooking shakers?

Shakers filled with glitter, colored sand, sequins or beads are used in many creative projects, as well as in making invitations and cards, albums, decorating gliders, notebooks, etc.

In addition, such a lively and bright design will help to decorate the finished art object, create an atmosphere of celebration and good mood. As a filler for shakers it is better to use: sequins, beads, beads, glitter.

You can use shakers in various creative works, for example:

● As an internal element for the cover of an album or artbook;

● As a decoration for cards or invitations;

● As an independent element of interior decoration;

● As an integral part of a volumetric composition;

● As an element of gift wrapping.

In fact, a shaker is a decoration that can be used to decorate various creative works. There are no restrictions or rules, on the contrary, freedom of thought and flight of imagination are welcomed.

Where to buy shakers for creativity

On the website of the Ukrainian manufacturer of goods for creativity and scrapbooking Fabrika Desoru there are 90 different models and shapes of shakers that can be used to create unique postcards, albums, notebooks. In our store, you can buy shakers wholesale and retail at affordable prices with worldwide shipping.

Now everyone has the opportunity to make beautiful and original gifts for friends, relatives with their own hands and, more importantly, with love!


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