Pictures for decorating


Pictures for decoration


The art of decor, hobbies and hand-made are becoming more and more popular. Many craftsmen find their vocation in creativity and arts and crafts. The key to succeed in making a beautiful and exciting creative project is in its uniqueness.

Therefore, to make albums, greeting cards, planners, sketchbooks and many other projects created on your own unique, we suggest diversifying them with pictures for decoration.


Scrapbooking. Features


Scrapbooking is a type of arts and crafts where a master can show his uniqueness and skills. In The word ‘scrapbooking’ is of the English origin Initially, notebooks and albums were decorated in this style.

But currently the trend is developing so rapidly that craftsmen make greeting cards, gift boxes, calendars and many other beautiful scrapbooking projects.

Those who have just started their journey to a scrapbooking world ask the question "where and how to start my journey?" It should be said that beautifully designed project is labor consuming and requires many tools and materials. Therefore, it is worth starting your activity as a handmade master by studying the necessary materials and tools. For scrapbooking, the following materials are required:

  • Paper. Kraft, decorative, cardboard - everything is suitable for a beginner.

  • Embellishments. These are required components. Without them, the result will not be perfect. With the help of embellishments, you can achieve originality and uniqueness of your project.

  • Ribbons. Satin, corrugated, chiffon, narrow, wide, lace - everything is needed. With their help, you can make bows and stripes to embellish a project.

  • Pictures for decoration. One of the must-haves in scrapbooking. Thanks to these die cut images, you can easily create a unique project.


What are pictures for decoration?


Pictures for decoration are cardboard or paper sheets with elements, theme-based drawings or letterings applied to the surface. To make your project look unique, just cut a suitable image out and adhere it to the project.

The choice of such pictures is endless: they are sold in sheets and in sets. These can be single images or whole strips with illustrations.

The subjects of images vary a lot: images of animals, birds, fish, congratulatory inscriptions, pictures with insects and amphibians - anything that can make your project unique.


Where to buy such pictures? 


Scrapbooking pictures for decoration are sold in Fabrika Decoru online arts and crafts store. They can be purchased at wholesale and retail competitive prices. In our store, you will find images of various subjects and colors that can be used as embellishments in any creative project. You can get acquainted with the variety of pictures for decoration on our website.