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Die cuts for scrapbooking -  wonderful paper embellishments for scrapbook and card making projects

What are scrapbooking die cuts? 

These are images already cut out of thick paper or cardboard, thematically collected in a set. For example, flowers, birds, butterflies from seasonal collections or cute animals: elephants, pandas, chanterelles from children's sets. The basis of the die-cuts is cardboard, thick paper, thin MDF or plastic.

Fabrika Decoru manufactures die-cuts on archival quality paper, with the whiteness of 90% and a density of 250g.m.sq. Safe and non-toxic eco-friendly inks are used for printing. Usually, one side of the die-cut contains a color image, and its opposite side is used for gluing. The size of the figures in each set varies. As a rule, the number of die cuts in a thematic collection set ranges from 40 to 70 pieces.

What are scrapbooking die-cuts used for?

Ready die-cut figures make the process of decorating scrapbooking and cardmaking projects really easy and quick. After all, the images are already carefully cut to the smallest detail, which means there is no need to cut the picture by hand. 
Often, die cuts are used to decorate the covers and pages of photo albums, books, notebooks and planners. It is difficult to do without these figures in cardmaking when creating greeting cards, festive invitations or envelopes. These cool paper shapes are also used to decorate gift boxes and packages, decorate frames for photos. While scrapbook album creation, there are used frames, into which photos and pictures are inserted. Also, die-cuts are used as an element of decorating various items using the decoupage technique.

Scrapbooking die cuts are also indispensable for creating volume and layering in creative works. If you fix the die-cut on double-sided thick tape or glue an insertion made of ordinary thick cardboard, under it, then the result will be amazing 3D volumetric compositions. One of the examples of the implementation of the described technique is a video tutorial on creating a volume postcard box from the "Dreamy baby girl" collection.

Types of die cuts for scrapbook and card making projects

The Fabrika Decoru makes die-cuts and frames for each collection of scrapbooking paper produced. This allows you to harmoniously combine the decor and the main creative work, be it an album or a postcard. Thematically, die cuts are subdivided into the following sets:

  • Collections dedicated to special events: birthday, wedding, graduation;
  • Collections of die-cuts for the New Year, Christmas, Easter;
  • Children's collections with cute animals and cartoon characters;
  • Seasonal collections dedicated to the seasons;
  • Collections in custom styles and designs;

Where to buy die cuts and scrapbooking frames

The range of products Fabrika Decoru's scrapbooking store contains everything you need to create amazing, cool scrapbooking projects. There are sets of thematic die-cuts, original color photo frames, and gold-embossed photo frames. These expressive elements will help to decorate a photo album, planner, sketchbook, and turn creative work into an original masterpiece.

Scrapbooking goods, paper, scrapbook blanks, glue, chipboards, paints and other goods for creativity can be bought at affordable prices wholesale and retail in the Fabrika Decoru scrapbooking and creativity store. All products are manufactured using modern technologies and high-quality eco-friendly European materials.

For the convenience of the customers of the store, delivery in a short time is carried out by available postal services all over the world.