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Hello everyone!Olena (@lena_rukodilnik) is with you today. I am sharing a beautiful notebook made from the collection Scent of SpringI do love this co
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Adhesive sticker packs - easy and quick decorating for scrapbooking projects

How can you add more joy and a positive mood to your business life and daily routine? How to make an ordinary routine bright, and the list of tasks for the current day like a fun quest? Every business person has a diary or a planner, but it looks no better than a schoolboy's notebook - there are nothing but notes and notes. The situation can be changed with the help of bright and emotional stickers with various drawings, as well as text stickers-motivators in English or Russian. Stickers are a great way to diversify your work plan, fill the day with positive emotions, and, of course, show your colleagues the creative look of your own diary. Moreover, sticker sets can be used to decorate greeting cards, scrapbook albums, notebooks, refrigerators, and even walls.

Stickers are easy to use - just separate the paper-backed image from the sticky layer applied to the reverse side, stick it to a clean surface and smooth it out carefully.

A kind of types of stickers

Fabrika Decoru online store offers stickers of two main types:

As mentioned earlier, stickers can be used in a variety of types of arts and crafts. Picture stickers are an original decorative element that can be used to decorate greeting cards or albums, laptops, refrigerators or even walls. The assortment of the Fabrika Decoru store offers stickers on wedding topic, for decorating children and adult photo albums, stickers with images of flowers and plants, funny animals, various household items or everyday life things.

On the other hand, stickers can be practical items. For example, journaling stickers featuring exclamation marks, question marks, flags, or sets of letters or numbers can be used to indicate upcoming meetings and events. They can help you create your own schedule for the day or week, distribute tasks according to urgency, or indicate goals and tasks that need to be achieved in the future. Themed sticker sets can also help you separate work activities from personal ones, such as going to the gym or beautician. Thus, colored stickers will serve as excellent reminders of important meetings and planned things.

It is also convenient to use stickers for office work, making bookmarks in a book, magazine, catalog or marking a phrase you like in a text, review or report.

Bright stickers will definitely appeal to schoolchildren and students - they can be used for cool decoration of a school bag or pencil case, a diary or a notebook.

In some cases, the stickers may reflect the inner state of the owner of an album, diary or memory book covered with stickers. Sometimes this is not just a trifle, but an important detail that will help you start a conversation with, no doubt, a creative person.


Paper stickers: a huge number of uses


Actually, stickers have no restrictions on their use, they help to make any greeting card, invitation, photo album or envelope bright. They can also be used on different surfaces, as long as they are clean. Thanks to the adhesive backing, the stickers can be attached to both flat and slightly warped surfaces such as paper, cardboard, glass, wood, plastic, leather and faux leather. The high quality of the adhesive layer allows the stickers to be securely fixed and not peel off over time. Well, if someday you don’t like the sticker anymore, its removal will not be difficult. To do this, use a regular furniture polish, moisten the label with it, leave it for a few minutes, then gently pick it up at the edge and peel it off the surface.

Why are stickers good?

  • Multipurpose use of stickers;

  • Easy to use;

  • When using stickers, there is no age limit;

  • Stickers serve as bright and original embellishment that attracts attention;

  • Large selection of stickers with images, motivating texts, graphics;

  • In the Fabrika Decoru website, sets of stickers are collected by topics: wedding, children, for schoolchildren and students, for business people and office workers.

Adhesive sticker packs where to buy


Fabrika Decoru's online store offers a collection of more than 300 different interesting and unusual sets of stickers. Site visitors always have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the assortment, place an order wholesale and retail purchases. We ship all over the world. If you have any questions, our managers will always answer them and advise on a product.