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Hello everyone! Olga Geredzhuk @olgageredzhuk is with you today. I am sharing my inspiration in the form of greeting cards made from the "SPRING
Hello everyone!Olenka (@olvenka_art) is with you today. I am sharing with you my new planner made from the eco leather.Making planners is always an in
Hello everybody! Today, Olga Geredzhuk @olgageredzhuk is with you. I want to show you the "Lantern" art board decorated with the "COUNT

Foil embossed materials for scrapbooking and papercraft projects

In accordance with modern world trends in fashion and design, gold and silver embellishments are popular today in the design of clothing, architectural and interior solutions. Scrapbooking and other types of creativity also did not stand aside, world manufacturers of hobby and creative products have included such products in their collections.

The Ukrainian trademark Fabrika Decoru has also developed and released many collections of scrapbooking paper and PU leather with gold, silver and white foil patterns.

Types of foil embossed materials

In the section Foil Embossed Materials of the Fabrika Decoru store, you can find more than two hundred thematically selected products  with gold, silver and white patterned embossed materials, such as:

  • decorative paper with gold embossing;
  • silver embossed paper;
  • colored cardboard with gold and silver foil stamping;
  • tracing paper (vellum) with gold and silver embossing;
  • acetate sheets with gold, silver and white patterns;
  • Embossed by a foil of different colors artificial leather.

In the Fabrika Decoru store catalog, you will find a huge selection of paper and cardboard embossed with gold patterns in the form of laces and leaves, gold flowers, clocks, polka dot peas, etc. In the presence of tracing paper and acetate sheets embossed in the form of wooden textures, fancy curls and lines fill geometric and floristic compositions and patterns.

How to use foil embossed paper and leather?

Cardboard and paper embossed with gold and silver patterns are used in scrapbooking and other types of creativity to decorate and binding album covers, greeting cards and invitations to a wedding, birthday or other special events. They are also used for notepads' endpapers and glider dividers. Gold-embossed vellum (tracing paper) and acetate foiled sheets are stunning and elegant additions as page dividers for planners, diaries, sketchbooks and scrapbooks. They add lightness and delicacy to multi-layered canvases and postcards. Paper decorated with gold patterns, tracing paper, acetate sheets look stylish in creative works, attract attention and make the finished product more stylish and sophisticated.

  Decorations made of foil paper for gift envelopes, greeting cards or separator pages in scrapbooking albums also look luxurious and rich.

Where to Buy Gold and Silver Embossed Paper and Leather?

Gold-embossed paper, colored cardboard with gold and silver foil embossing, tracing paper (vellum) with gold and silver embossing, acetate sheets embossed with gold foil you can buy at low prices wholesale and retail in the Fabrika Decoru store. We guarantee prompt order processing and worldwide delivery.


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