Embellishments for arts and creativity

Embellishments for arts and creativity

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Hello everyone!Olenka (@olvenka_art) is with you today. I am sharing with you my new planner made from the eco leather.Making planners is always an in
Happy holidays everyone!Today Olenka (@lena_rukodilnik) is sharing with you her Christmas wreath made from Fabrika Decoru materials. This wreath was m
Happy holidays everyone!Today Olenka (@lena_rukodilnik) is sharing with you her Christmas interior decorations - bright snowflakes. Olenka made these


Creating with your own hands original decorations, interesting photo albums, functional planners, bright postcards with decorations in different styles and techniques brings real pleasure and amusement from the creative process. In the Fabrika Decoru store, there is always an opportunity to purchase blanks for decorating, kits for creativity and decorative ornaments in the form of openwork napkins, delicate flower buds or twigs with berries, bright sequins, and colored feathers, with which it is much easier to decorate and create beautiful and original things.

Features and types of embellishments for arts and creativity

At that very moment, scrapbooking and hand-made trends are very popular and in high demand. Especially if you have free time and a desire to create something extraordinary and beautiful, for yourself or for a gift. We recommend starting with the selection of decorative elements that will surely embellish any, even the most ordinary thing. And handmade gifts and embellishments testify to an important and reverent attitude on the part of the person who makes a surprise for you. The time and effort spent are always rewarded.

Also, it is much more pleasant to do something unusual and beautiful for a friend or loved one, in one, original copy. In the online store Fabrika Decoru you can buy everything you need for creativity:

● Flowers, stamens, twigs, berries. This section contains a huge number of different types and varieties of artificial flower buds, including scarlet poppies, peach, and apple blossoms. Also, you can find a set of sugar viburnum, which fully reproduces the natural look of the plant.

● Sets for decoration. You can choose sets of sequins, matched by color or shape: in the form of stars, beads, circles.

● Colored feathers. These are sets of multi-colored natural feathers that are used to decorate interior items or photo albums. Colored feathers in the sets can be of various shapes and colors - in the Fabrika Decoru store you can choose from 50 different types!

● Braid, ribbons, cords. These are additional decorative elements with the help of which the products can be matched, or they can be used to beautifully decorate a gift in the form of a bow or a flower bud. In the section, you can find braid with pom-poms, cords, and elastic bands, as well as lace.

● Fabrics. The section contains pieces of fabrics, different in texture, color, and patterns. In this section, you will definitely find what you need, as there are 100 different types of fabrics.

● Openwork napkins. This is a separate type of decorative design that will decorate any product, add originality, tenderness, and lightness to the pages of albums or notebooks.

The use of decorative elements in creative projects

Any of the presented elements from the Decor catalog can be used in the design of postcards, albums, creative projects. Such decorations greatly simplify the decorating process, with their help unique and unusual souvenirs and gifts are obtained. Thanks to the large number of all kinds of decorative elements and ornaments that you will find available on our website, you can embody the most extraordinary creative imagination.

What are the advantages of using decorative items and ornaments?

● Ease to use - you need a minimum of tools and your own skills;

● Large selection and variety of decorative elements;

● Giving the decorated object originality, charm, and atmosphere;

● The versatility of use and application;

● Low price and good quality.

Where to buy decorative elements for creativity and scrapbooking?

Fabrika Decoru is an online store that contains a huge variety of decorative elements and embellishments. Here you can buy decorations wholesale and retail at a bargain price available to everyone. We deliver goods to our customers accurately and on time using popular transportation services throughout Ukraine and worldwide.

Make your loved ones happy, create unique gifts and enjoy the creative process that will help you relax and have a good time!


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