Hello everyone!Olga (@olgageredzhuk) is with you today.I want to share with you a spring gift box made of a blank from Fabrika Decoru.Nature inspires
Hello everyone!Today Olga Geredzhuk @olgageredzhuk is with you. I am going to share my inspiration in the form of Easter home decor made from Fabrika
Hello everybody! Kateryna Suprun is with you today.I found a convenient box for storing yarn on the Fabrika Decoru website in the section "Wooden

Wooden blanks and embellishments for arts and crafts and decoupage

In the Fabrika Decoru online store, you can choose and purchase wooden blanks and construction kits for making interior decor and holiday decorations as well as creating unique gifts. All parts are made of wood and are environmentally friendly. Wood blanks do not need additional priming and sanding, they can be immediately covered with paints and texture pastes from the assortment offered by  Fabrika Decoru, a manufacturer of goods for arts and crafts.

What are blanks for arts and crafts?

Wooden blanks for arts and crafts are ready-made creative construction kits developed by designers for making original interior decor, for practical use in everyday life and in the kitchen. So, for example, in the Wood and MDF Blanks section you will find elegant photo frames that you can decorate according to your own taste, wall clocks as a basis for working in decoupage technique, tea houses, medal holders, New Year and Easter decor. In the store you can also find everything you need for serving and decorating holiday tables for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations: cupcake stands, candy bars, stands for cakes and sweets on the wedding table.

A feature of such blanks and construction kits is their easy assembling and further decoration. Everything you need is to assemble the construction kit according to the attached drawings and paint it with spray paint in the desired color. If this is not enough, in our store you can purchase additional wooden embellishments and decoupage napkins or cards, fabric, wooden embellishments, flower buds, berry sprigs and other decorative items.

Features of working with wooden decor

Wooden blanks are great for coating with colorful acrylics, mousses, texture pastes and mediums, as the blank base has excellent adhesion to most decorative coatings. Therefore, the surface will be covered with an even layer and quickly absorb a coating. If you use a finishing varnish, then the paint or applied application from decoupage napkins will retain its color and saturation for a long time, and the product will look like new, even years later. The finished product can be used at home in everyday life (if it is, for example, an organizer or planner), or simply as a home decor.

Where and how are wooden blanks used in arts and crafts?

In Fabrika Decoru online store, you can find wooden decor, coasters and holiday decorations. They can be decorated in any style and color scheme. Rooms, banquet halls and photo zones are decorated with finished art objects. They serve as an excellent space decor during celebrations. A wedding, birthday, graduation will be fun and bright if they are decorated with extraordinary decor from TM Fabrika Decoru.

The most popular wooden blanks are photo frames. An ordinary wooden frame can be decorated with beautiful embellishments and turned into an unforgettable gift using bright colored or acrylic shabby paints, decoupage cards, decorative flowers and chipboards.

If you need a universal base for storing, displaying and photographing small objects, we advise you to pay attention to mix boxes. These are wooden blanks in the form of trays and boxes with sections of different shapes and sizes. They can serve as organizers and a decorative basis for product photography. They also can be used  to store small items such as buttons, sequins, brads, beads and other small embellishments.

There are wooden blanks in the form of Christmas wreaths, baskets and advent calendars for New Year decoration. They can be covered with paints, fabric, decorated with glitter and wooden embellishments. A little patience, imagination, time and the creation of New Year compositions will turn into an exciting creative process, which will bring all participants, especially children lots of joy. After all, the assembly and decoration of a wooden toy or construction kit will allow the child to show his creative abilities, develop his creativity and imagination.

Where to buy wooden blanks and embellishments for scrapbooking?

You can buy blanks made of wood and MDF on the website Our store of goods for arts and crafts offers a wide range of embellishments, blanks and stencils at affordable prices wholesale and retail. Delivery is carried out by all existing delivery services worldwide.