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Всім привіт! З вами Олена (@lena_rukodilnik) Сьогодні я завітала до вас з новим патріотичним натхненням у вигляді яскравих жовто-блакитних планерів.        Я дуже люблю все планувати, записувати ідеї
Всем приветик! Сегодня я, Дина Шахрай, продолжаю творить вместе с Фабрикой декору детский проект!  И у нас на очереди создание шадоубокса-фоторамки для малыша из коллекции Funny Fox girl  В небольшом...
  • How to create a beautiful box with your own hands?
    How to create a beautiful box with your own hands?
  • Альбом-домик с коллекцией Sentimental Story, ТМ Фабрика декору
    Альбом-домик с коллекцией Sentimental Story, ТМ Фабрика декору
  • Дотсы и Дропсы - Обзор материалов для скрапбукинга от "Фабрики декору"
    Дотсы и Дропсы - Обзор материалов для скрапбукинга от "Фабрики декору"
  • Видео-обзор альбома из бумаги "Botany Spring" и "Botany Summer"
    Видео-обзор альбома из бумаги "Botany Spring" и "Botany Summer"
  • Создаем миниальбом в морском стиле
    Создаем миниальбом в морском стиле

"Fabrika Decoru" is a manufacturer of goods for creativity and handicraft: everything for a hobby

Store of goods for handicrafts "Fabrika Decoru"™ is an Internet platform for creative people. The company offers products of its own production, the high quality of our products was appreciated by buyers in Ukraine and abroad. The assortment is of interest to handicraftsmen and professionals in the field of creativity and interior design. There are interesting offers for wholesale buyers - art workshops and retailers of handicraft goods.


The trademark "Fabrika Decoru" entered the Ukrainian market in 2013. Now the geography of our sales is available not only in neighboring countries but also in Europe, South and North America, USA, Canada, Australia. The brand catalog contains over 7,000 products for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, drawing and decoupage. We have the lowest prices for goods for creativity in Ukraine.
The main office of the company was found in Kyiv. The main activity is the production of goods for handicrafts. Products manufactured in Ukraine are made from domestic and imported raw materials. The production uses only ecological materials that are absolutely safe for health. We continue to work on improving product quality and expanding our range.

Catalog Fabrika Decoru: everything for scrapbooking, decoupage, interior decor

In the online store Fabrika Decoru you will also choose tools for the embodiment of creative ideas of various levels of complexity from A to Z. The assortment of handicraft products will satisfy the most discerning buyers from novice scrapbooking, embossing and decoupage masters to professional designers. Favorable offers of the expectations of entrepreneurs.

Always in stock:

  • kits and blanks for scrapbooking, colored cardstock sheets;

  • everything for decorating albums, postcards, gliders and boxes;

  • chipboards, shakers, stickers, die cuts, stamps and stencils;

  • paints, sprays, pastes, mediums, deco glaze, liquid dots and drops;

  • feathers, flowers, stamens, twigs and berries, lace and braid;

  • binding materials for gliders and photo albums;

  • DIY wooden construction kits, artboards, art boxes;

  • glue, tape, accessories (heat tools, sponges, brushes, rugs);

  • interior decor and wooden blanks for jewelry. 

All materials are made without aggressive chemicals. Paints on finished products do not fade over time. The paper does not deform as a result of a large amount of glue, texture pastes or paints. Goods for handicraft and creativity are sold wholesale and retail at manufacturer's prices. You will find an overview of new products on the "Fabrika Decoru" YouTube channel.

Goods for handicraft and creativity with worldwide delivery

You can buy everything for scrapbooking and handicraft remotely wholesale and retail without restrictions. Sending and picking of orders is carried out from a warehouse in Kyiv, Ukraine. Different payment methods are available. Delivery is provided to the countries near and far abroad. To purchase goods for handicrafts in bulk from the manufacturer directly, mail a request letter to:
Discover Fabrika Decoru as a reliable manufacturer and make orders: expand your business and discover new creative horizons