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Happy holidays everyone!Today Katia Suprun is sharing her festive photo album made from the 15x15 cm blank and scrapbooking paper collection " Wi
Hello everyone!Kateryna Suprun is with you today. I know that autumn has already started, but the summer collection still inspires me a lot. How brigh
Hello everyone!Kateryna Suprun is with you today. I am sharing with you my new baby photo album made from the materials by TM Fabrika Decoru. All the

DIY photo album - taking the first steps in scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is not just an exciting hobby, but an applied handicraft direction, which has many practical applications. For example, if you need to buy a photo album for a child, to fill it with the most memorable and dear things: by a first tooth, a lock of hair, an imprint of a finger or a leg, a card from the hospital with the date of birth and weight. To do this, you usually go to a book store and look for an album which may suit this matter. And what can you do if nothing fit to your requirements from the offered assortment? The style and design don't like you, the format of a standard album is too large or small, the number of pages is a few or too much, inside the album, there are no pockets for memorable little things and so on.
Do not be upset, there is a solution! Make the most beautiful and unique album for photos by yourself! And this is the scrapbooking technique that will help you. After all, this is a whole world and even a philosophy that will help create unique, incomparable scrapbooking photo albums for children and adults. In this creative world, there are a lot of beautiful embellishments and amazing details for decoration, working with which will bring real pleasure and relaxation.

Scrapbooking album's existing formats

So first you have to choose the necessary blank of the future album. After all, the Fabrika Decoru has a very wide range: the store's catalog contains blanks with and without binding, in a soft fabric and vinyl cover. Choose the necessary format (size) of the album and the number of spreads. In addition to the album's blank, you will also need scrapbooking paper, which is produced in the formats of 30.5cm x 30.5cm, 20cm x 20cm and 15cm x 15cm corresponding to the size of the album pages. Also, do not forget to purchase the decorations and necessary accessories to decorate the album:  stylized paper die-cuts and chipboard embellishments, magic volume shakers and stickers with motivating inscriptions. Choose whatever you like and you will get a wonderful, unique album. And if you don't have enough imagination or experience, please look at the examples of the design of scrapbooking albums, the creation process of which is described in the smallest details by professional designers in the Fabrika Decoru scrapbooking blog.
Skillfully combining these elements with each other, uniting them in a composition, you will get an unsurpassed result - a beautiful scrapbooking photo album! It will delight not only you but also become a real family heritage, passed on from parents to children and from children to grandchildren. And after you set the final accents and finish decorating the last page, this plenty work of your hands will be called a scrapbooking handmade album. Congratulations, now you are a real professional, do not stop there - keep creating! After all, the Fabrika Decoru has a huge amount of scrapbooking materials designed to satisfy the needs of both beginners and professionals of this interesting type of creativity.

Album blanks - for professionals and scrapbooking amateurs

In the Fabrika Decoru art and craft store, in the ALL FOR PHOTO ALBUMS section, you can buy DIY blanks for creating scrapbooking albums with hard and soft covers. The size of the album blanks is 20cm x 20cm, 30cm x 30cm, 15cm x 20cm. The standard number of spreads in our blanks can be 7 and 11.
In addition, in the Fabrika Decoru web store you can buy blank albums with thematic covers: vintage, wedding, graduation, children's, as well as blanks for cookbooks or calendars. Here you will also find all the necessary accessories for albums creating. We can deliver your orders all over the world in order to make a beautiful, bright and stylish photo album with your own hands.