In the section Everything for albums of Fabrika Decoru webstore, you can find blanks for photo albums with solid vinyl and soft fabric covers. The available sizes of the blanks are 20cm x 20cm, 25cm x 30cm and 30cm x 30cm. The regular number of two-page openings in our album blanks may be 6 or 11. However, according to your request, the number of two-page openings may vary. The album blanks with soft fabric and hard vinyl covers are always available in stock in Fabrika Decoru webstore.

In addition, our online store offers you a variety of album blanks with thematic covers: vintage, wedding, for graduation, children, as well as blanks for recipe books or calendars. All necessary accessories for creating albums are always available for sale in our online store. It is easy to create a beautiful, bright and stylish handmade photo album with our materials. We are shipping blanks for photo albums worldwide.