Hello everyone! We are happy to share with you today an interesting interior decoration element created by our designer Marina Davidenko. Marina’s ste

Interior decor and decorations - mirrors and clocks

You may like or not the paintings on the walls, however, mirrors and clocks are in every home. At least once a day, before going outside, we check the time and have a look at the mirror to our reflection. Meanwhile, if a replacement for the traditional chronometer can be found using the phone, buying a mirror is a necessity. It has been proven that hand-made interior items have a special energy. With our creative kits, you will make not only ordinary but also festive New Year's or Christmas decor for your home.

DIY blanks for making watches and mirrors from Fabrika Decoru

Hand-made products create a positive aura in the house, as well as this kind of leisure allows you to surround yourself with things that are 100% consistent with your taste and mood. You may decorate wooden clocks or mirror blanks arbitrarily in different styles and techniques. Amazing new items will perfectly complement the existing interior decor or become bright accents on the room walls.

The clock, decorated in the common home style or in Christmas look design, is a cozy and plenty interior decor for practical purposes. A large luxurious mirror is a functional accessory for a woman's bedroom.

DIY hand-made clocks and mirrors can be covered with any known decorative materials: paints and sprays, patina, gold leaf, textured pastes, decorated with decoupage napkins. It is better to apply a decorative coating to the frames after assembling the product. Parts do not require additional sanding, easily and reliably assembled using Universal and Deco Wood glue.
Hand-made kits include the necessary wooden details and embellishments, stencils and diagrams for assembly, clock mechanisms and mirrors.

Where is it profitable to buy interior decor in Ukraine

With Fabrika Decoru, you can easily decorate your home with extraordinary things, find unique gift ideas and expand your arts and crafts business. The website offers interior decor wholesale and retail. Orders from a warehouse in Kyiv are sent all over the world. The assortment is designed for creative people, professional designers and entrepreneurs. DIY construction sets of various themes, wooden gifts, different materials for their decoration from a Ukrainian manufacturer are 100% environmentally friendly and safe.