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Kits for painting and coloring

Coloring is a specific form of art and a demonstration of artistic skills. Modern opportunities provide wonderful perspectives that do not require artistic talent. Ready-made coloring kits are a real treasure for those who love hand-made products.

Create a greeting card, notebook, album, or write a letter with unique and original details. Such type of arts is often used as a psychological practice which is called anti-stress coloring. Calm finicky work and creating a harmonious picture contribute to calming down and relaxation.


Variety of coloring kits


Our store offers a lot of kits, which can be colored using various methods:

● coloring with dry paints by TM Fabrika Decoru

● coloring with markers

● coloring with colored pencils

● coloring with watercolor paints and other types of paint.

A customer can choose the topic of the kit he needs right now. These can be floral or natural ornaments, geometric patterns, mandalas, flowers, shapes, etc.


Purpose and types of coloring kits

A standard coloring kit usually contains 8 cards with pictures. The cards are made of tough paper of high density and is intended for arts and crafts. On the packaging it is indicated with the help of which artistic tools you can decorate a kit and what materials are most suitable for this.

The main purpose of such blanks is individual for every person:

1. An opportunity for everyone to realize their creative potential and make unique handmade items.

2. Coloring kits are purchased as anti-stress therapy tools.

3. A kit can be a present for a friend, colleague or loved one, and already painted and signed greeting cards will be a wonderful souvenir for any occasion.

Where to buy kits for painting?


Coloring kits are sold in Fabrika Decoru online arts and crafts store. You will receive professional advice and high-quality service, as well as the best price and timely delivery if necessary.

  All goods are presented in the website catalog, the design of the pictures can be viewed in the files attached to the description, which show detailed images of the cards. To make a purchase - just send the product you like to the basket, and in case of difficulties - contact our managers at the specified phone numbers. Happy shopping!



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