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Wooden Decor and Embellishments 

To create original, creative works the decorations are needed indeed. They harmoniously complement the composition, become its stylish accent, and, moreover, are easily attached with the help of universal glue to any surface.

Scrapbooking, as a kind of hobby and creativity, is characterized by a harmonious combination of the base or basic background of the composition, as well as skillfully selected decorations. Decorative items for decorating works are the most important component of the working arsenal of every craftsman. The more of these accessories are available, the easier it is to work and select matching items. With carefully chosen details, the work looks complete and seamless. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully and scrupulously choose the decorations for creative work, paying attention to such accent details as ribbons, beads, buttons, wooden chipboards, die cuts, and flair buttons.

What decorations and decorative components are used in creativity and scrapbooking?

You can find a variety of decorative components and decorations for creative projects in handcraft and art stores, as well as on internet sites. Their cost, appearance, and quality vary widely. Therefore, the question of choosing decorations for your creative work must be approached thoroughly and with taste. In accordance with the chosen style, you can select the following decor:

  • Buttons. They can be of different colors, sizes, and shapes, made from different materials: plastic, ivory, metal, or wood.

  • Wood and plywood decorations. They are to be used as individual decorative elements, inscriptions, geometric shapes, and figures.

  • Gypsum and polymer minifigures. They are used to add volume, classic style, and even monumentality to works. Such elements are used in the design of photo albums, diaries, sketchbooks, and even gift wrapping.

  • Punchings and die cuts. They are made from cardboard or paper. They are in the form of flat figures or inscriptions, which are carved in a factory way.

  • Badges and flair buttons. With their help, it is easy to decorate any product, since they have a three-dimensional shape and various designs.

  • Stickers. They can be flat and voluminous. They are used to decorate postcards and notebooks.

Where to buy plywood decoration elements for creativity?

You can buy plywood decoration elements for scrapbooking in the Fabrika Decoru online store. To do this, you need to enter the website https://www.fdeco.eu/ and select the desired decorative components and decorations in the "Plywood decorative elements" section. In the assortment of the store you will find:

  • 3D elements are used to decorate dollhouses. The thickness is 3 mm. There are also three-dimensional figures that need to be assembled.

  • Sets of decorative elements. They include inscriptions, outlines of various plants, flowers, fish, and funny animals. These sets are used to decorate postcards, gift bouquets, boxes, and scrapbooks.

  • Decorative components by the piece. On our website, you can find the exact decoration in the required quantity for your creative projects.

  • Blanks for jewelry. Made of plywood, they have different shapes and sizes. Suitable for making jewelry and bijouterie with your own hands. The set includes the necessary accessories for making brooches or badges.

Plywood and MDF decorative elements sold at www.fdeco.eu do not require sanding or priming. They can be immediately painted with colored acrylic paints, metallic or rustic paints from the assortment of the manufacturer of goods for creativity and hobby Fabrika Decoru.

With a wide range of blanks available, the possibilities for creative decorating are endless. Whether you are a professional designer or just a hobbyist, we have the wooden decor you need to bring your projects to life. Shop now and find the perfect wooden ornaments, badges and blanks to turn your decor dreams into reality!