Glues and Adhesives for Scrapbooking, Hobbies and Crafts

Glues and Adhesives for Scrapbooking, Hobbies and Crafts


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Professional adhesives for creativity and hobby large review

The Fabrika Decoru presents a wide range of proprietary professional adhesives for hobbies and creativity, scrapbooking and decoupage. Our specialists have tested these adhesives in our production many times and within a long time. We used these compositions when connecting materials of different nature. Sometimes in conditions not intended for this: at low temperature or high humidity. And we can say with confidence that Fabrika Decoru adhesives successfully have passed all the tests. Now, we are proud to offer a line of professional adhesives for sale. In the Glues section, you will find a wide range of versatile and specialized products, that perfectly cope with its tasks. All adhesives are non-toxic, without a strong odor, after drying they become transparent.

Which glue to choose for gluing paper, cardboard, plastic?

If you need high-quality and inexpensive glue for gluing paper, cardboard, fabric, MDF, some types of plastic, then multi-purpose "Universal" glue will fully satisfy your expectations. It will quickly and firmly connect the elements to each other, firmly glue the decor, securely and permanently fix any connection. Universal glue has a very faint odor and is absolutely transparent. Even a few drops are enough to permanently fix any part to the material or surface. The universal adhesive is waterproof, irreversible and forms an elastic adhesive layer. It is indispensable in scrapbooking, modeling, creating volumetric panels and collages, in various techniques of creativity. “Universal” is rightfully ranked first in popularity in our range of adhesives.

Which glue is used for the bookbinding?

If your creativity is concentrated around papers and fabrics, professional binding glue will be indispensable here. The name itself speaks of the professional qualities of this product. The adhesive makes a great work of gluing paper to cardboard, as well as many layers together. At the same time, the paper does not lead, the adhesive layer dries quickly and becomes completely transparent after drying. This glue is highly recommended for creating album covers, planners or notebooks. It firmly fixes the fabric and at the same time does not leave marks on the front side. It may strongly connect vinyl paper, faux leather, binding PU leather to the cardboard cover. Separately, it would like to note the elasticity of the adhesive layer. After drying it does not make the materials to be glued heavier, they remain flexible. Album pages are easy to open, gluing points do not burst with repeated use. This property will be appreciated by craftspersons who make a large number of planners, notebooks and customized albums.

What is the glossy effect glue and why is it needed?

If glossy accents are needed in creative work, then the Glossy effect glue will become a reliable partner. This product has excellent adhesion and can be used to bond paper, cardboard, fabric. But it is more effective for gluing small decorations, for example, beads, sequins or quartz toppings. Just mix the particles with the Glossy effect glue. The mixture turns into a single mass, after drying, shines brightly and shimmers under the rays of light. It is also possible to cover individual elements of the composition with this glue, and they will become voluminous and glossy. This technique looks very impressive when working with paper decorative elements.

What is the best glue for wood and MDF?

If you often work with details and decorative elements made of plywood, MDF or wood, then Deco Wood glue will become a better solution. Its main qualities are bond strength and water resistance after drying. Literally after 1 hour, the glue becomes transparent, which is important when it comes to fixing small decor and elements. After all, it is very problematic to glue small parts so neatly so that annoying excesses do not remain. And this wonderful property of Deco Wood, literally, makes it irreplaceable in the hands of professionals and amateurs.

Another important quality of this product is not possible to disconnect the elements after gluing them. The rupture occurs along the material, and not at the junction. After drying, the surfaces to be glued tightly adjoin each other, the glue, penetrating inside the materials themselves, reliably splices them.

Fabrika Decoru’s professional adhesives are indispensable for professionals and those who are fond of various types of handicrafts. If you bought scrapbook paper and intend to make a beautiful photo album, you need to assemble a wooden organizer or glue wooden decorations, select the appropriate adhesive in the "Adhesives" section and enjoy a consistently excellent finish.

All adhesives are available wholesale and retail in Fabrika Decoru's online store at affordable prices. Delivery of wholesale and retail orders is carried out all over the world.

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