Scrapbooking Paper: Collections in Pads, Individual Sheets, Stripes, and Pictures for Coloring and Cutting

Scrapbooking Paper: Collections in Pads, Individual Sheets, Stripes, and Pictures for Coloring and Cutting

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Explore Scrapbooking Paper Collections at Fabrika Decoru


Enhance your scrapbooking projects with high-quality paper collections from Fabrika Decoru, designed for both novices and seasoned crafters. Our papers, ranging from 150 gsm to 250 gsm, are ideal for various paper crafts, including card making and scrapbooking, using eco-friendly inks and archival-quality materials to ensure lasting beauty.

Types of Scrapbooking Paper

We offer a diverse array of scrapbooking papers, including kraft paper, card-making paper, and embellished sheets. There are a variety of scrapbooking paper options to suit your needs:

  • Paper Pads: Sets of coordinating papers in various designs and colors.
  • Individual Sheets: Purchase specific designs or patterns to complement your project.
  • Stripped Paper: Perfect for adding borders, accents, and stripes of color.
  • Coloring & Cutting Pictures: Fun for children and adults alike, featuring images for coloring and cutting out.

Exploring Paper Collections

We offer a variety of paper collections, each with its own unique style and story. Find the perfect collection to complement your project, whether it's a baby shower invitation, a travel scrapbook, or a birthday card. Each collection typically includes:

  • Patterned Papers: Create stunning backgrounds with decorative prints, florals, geometric patterns, and more.
  • Solid Papers: Offer a versatile foundation for layering and building dimension.
  • Die-Cut Elements: Add pre-cut shapes and embellishments for a cohesive look.

Elevate your projects further with our extensive range of scrapbooking supplies:

  • Scrapbook & Album Blanks: Find the perfect base for your memories.
  • Chipboard Embellishments: Incorporate unique chipboard elements for added texture and dimension.
  • Stickers & Sticker Packs: Add playful accents and messages with a variety of sticker options.
  • Shakers: Create interactive elements with shaker pockets filled with sequins or beads.
  • Embellishments: Discover a treasure trove of embellishments like flowers, ribbons, and brads.
  • Stencils: Create intricate designs and patterns with stencils and various mediums.

Creative Uses

Our scrapbooking papers are perfect for creating custom photo albums, greeting cards, and other decorative items. So, unlock Your Creativity with Scrapbooking Paper: The possibilities are endless when it comes to scrapbooking paper!

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Create stunning scrapbook layouts: Combine patterned papers with photos, embellishments, and journaling to tell your stories.
  • Design unique greeting cards: Use patterned papers as a base for personalized and heartfelt greetings.
  • Make decorative home decor: Craft wall art, gift boxes, or framed pieces using scrapbooking paper.

Decorating Tutorials

Find a wealth of creative inspiration and step-by-step tutorials on the Fabrika Decoru website:

  • Blog: Discover new papercraft project ideas and techniques on our informative blog.
  • YouTube Channel: Watch video tutorials featuring creative uses for scrapbooking paper.
  • Instagram: Follow us on Instagram for visual inspiration and trending papercraft projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the papers acid-free?
  • A: Absolutely! Our scrapbooking papers are acid-free, making them safe for archiving precious memories.
  • Q: What size scrapbooking paper do I need?

    A: The most common sizes for scrapbooking paper are 12x12 inches and 8x8 inches. Choose the size that best suits your project format.

    Q: How can I combine different paper patterns?

    A: Use a color palette or theme as a guide to ensure your chosen papers complement each other visually. Start with a solid paper as your base and layer patterned papers on top for added interest.

    Q: Is scrapbooking paper only for scrapbooking?

    A: Absolutely not! Scrapbooking paper is incredibly versatile and can be used for various papercraft projects, including card-making, gift wrapping, home decor, and more.

Ordering Information

Ready to start your scrapbooking project? Visit our online store to browse and purchase from our extensive range of scrapbooking papers. We offer both wholesale and retail options at competitive prices, with fast worldwide shipping.


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