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What is scrapbooking paper?


Scrapbooking paper is typographically printed on thick paper (density varies from 150 g.m2 to 250 g.m2) images, patterns, ornaments and graphics that are carefully selected and arranged on the page according to one topic, style. Scrapbooking paper kits contain both background pages with repetitive graphic elements (patterns) and conversational prints, which contain space specially allocated for placing photos or other embellishments: die cuts, frames, stickers, pockets for small details (for example, greeting cards or tags).

What is scrapbooking paper used for?


Scrapbooking paper is used to create products in scrapbooking technique, such as bright scrapbook albums or photo albums for keeping memories of significant events, greeting cards and gift envelopes, decorative canvases and invitations.


The options for using scrapbooking paper, styles of projects and taste preferences of amateurs and hand-made professionals are constantly growing. In response to this demand, TM Fabrika Decoru has created dozens of collections to provide a variety of designs and styles to match any important event or holiday. The company's designers are constantly working on the creation of original collections.

What are the topics of scrapbooking paper kits?


Scrapbooking paper is divided according to the following topics:

  • holiday collections used to create holiday cards and albums (Christmas and New Year, Easter and first school day, wedding and birthday);

  • children collections with thematic illustrations for boys and girls, babies and schoolchildren. In Fabrika Decoru Internet store, you can find many children scrapbook collections for decorating photo albums devoted to the birth of a baby, such as “Dyno baby”, “Bunny birthday party”, “Little elephant”, “Sweet baby boy”, “Sweet baby girl”, "My little baby boy", "My little baby girl";

  • seasonal collections: spring, summer, autumn, and winter scrapbooking paper kits are as follows “Botany spring”, “Smile of winter, “Winter mood”, “Winter in the city”, “Spring blossom”, “Botany autumn”, "Botany summer", "Christmas fairy tales". Scrapbooking collections "Tender orchid", "Wild orchid", "Sensual love", "Magnolia sky" by TM Fabrika Decoru will appeal to those fond of delicate, sensual designs with floral motives;

  • kits of gentle, catchy, bright, light and rich colors. Paper for women and men. For example, kits for men "Specially for him", for girls "Specially for her", for schoolchildren "Cool school", as well as a delicate shabby collection "Wedding of our dream" dedicated to a wedding or significant events that occur in every family’s life.


Such paper is used to make greeting cards and envelopes, event invitations and large family photo books, each page of which will be unique.

What can be made of scrapbooking paper?


Using scrapbooking materials, everyone can create a photo book or memory album. To do this, a blank album must be glued over with scrap paper of the chosen design and filled up with bright chipboards and die cuts, stickers and flair buttons. Foil embossed materials will help you to create interesting albums with various embellishments. Such scrapbooking projects will be an excellent gift for a birthday, wedding, or the birth of a child.

Quality and size of scrapbooking  paper

 Scrap paper is printed with safe and non-toxic eco-friendly ink, on archival-quality canvases, with paper whiteness index starting ​​from 80% and density starting from 150 g.m2. The thicker the paper, the more difficult it is to work with, therefore the optimal density is 180-200 g.m2. Sheets of paper are sold in thematic kits of 10 pieces, or they are purchased by a sheet. Available in sizes: 20 x 20 cm, 30.5 x 30.5 cm.

It should be said that paper is double-sided, which means that there are twice as many combination options.

Where to buy paper for cards, scrapbooking paper, scrapbooking paper kits?


Buy scrapbooking paper kits wholesale and retail at manufacturer prices at the Fabrika Decoru store with worldwide fast delivery.