Scrapbooking Paper: Collections in Pads, Individual Sheets, Stripes, and Pictures for Coloring and Cutting

Scrapbooking Paper: Collections in Pads, Individual Sheets, Stripes, and Pictures for Coloring and Cutting


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Scrapbooking paper: beautiful collection kits and separated sheets


Scrapbooking paper kits made by Fabrika Decoru are offset printed on thick paper of archival quality. When printing, special eco inks are used that do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances. For printing, paper is selected with a whiteness of 80% and a density from 150 gm sq.m. to 250 g. sq.m. Before printing, designers carefully work out each page, building all the graphic elements: images, photographs, patterns, ornaments according to the same theme and style into complete compositions.

Depending on the preferable dimensions of the creative project (it's an album or a postcard), you need to choose between kits of 12x12 inches and 8x8 inches in size. Scrapbooking paper kits from Fabrika Decoru do not contain lignin and withstand the test of time and the sun. But they contain the most important feature it's the ability to inspire!

Scrapbooking paper kits have both background pages with repetitive graphic elements (patterns) and plot pages, on which space is specially allocated for placing photographs or other decorative elements: die cutsphoto framesadhesive stickers, pockets for small details (for example, greeting cards or tags).

The Fabrika Decoru offers high-quality and thick scrapbooking paper with clear, neatly drawn images. Each scrapbook paper sheet is ready for any hard creative experiments: creasing, gluing, for texture pastes and paints.

Scrapbooking paper kits – many ideas for applications

Scrapbooking paper is used in papercraft and card making projects, such as amazing scrapbook albums or photo albums for keeping memories of significant events, greeting cards and gift envelopes, decorative canvases and invitations.

 The options for using scrapbooking paper, styles of projects and taste preferences of amateurs and hand-made professionals are constantly growing. In response to this demand, Fabrika Decorutm has created more than a hundred collections to provide a variety of designs and styles to match any creative idea or papercraft project. The company's designers are constantly working on the creation of original collections.

What can be made from scrapbooking paper?


Using scrapbooking materials, everyone can create a stunning greeting card, amazing photo book or beautiful memory album. To do this, a blank album should be glued over with scrapbook paper of the chosen design and filled up with cool die cuts, stickers, flair buttons, chipboard embellishments, etc. Foil embossed scrapbooking paper will help you to create interesting albums with various embellishments. Such scrapbooking projects will be an excellent gift for a birthday, wedding, or the birth of a child.

Where to buy scrapbooking paper kits?


Amazing scrapbooking paper kits you can buy wholesale and retail at the manufacturer prices in the Fabrika Decoru store. Prompt order processing and worldwide fast delivery is provided.