Wooden DIY Multi Layer 3D Frames

Wooden DIY Multi Layer 3D Frames

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Hello everyone! Today we want to inspire you with a really cool project created by our designer Marin Davidenko.Do not forget that Fabrika Decoru has

What is an artbox and what is it for?

Artbox (art box) is a fascinating creative constructor that can be assembled and decorated by adults and by children. Each construction kit, called Artbox (or Art box), corresponds to a specific theme. E.g., in the catalog of goods of Fabrika Decoru there are Artboxes dedicated to the sights of famous historical places for both adults and children, such as Paris, Moscow or London. Perhaps one of our customers has already visited one of them, then with the help of texture pastes and paints it will be easy to reflect the memorized textures, reliefs, and colors. Or on the contrary, visiting one of the cities is a bright dream that can be easily visualized in the form of a finished Artbox.

In the thematic range of offered Artboxes, there are also constructors dedicated to romantic dates, remarkable natural landscapes, and even the depths of the sea with sunken ships and scattered treasures.

The photo frame artbox of Fabrika Decoru will help you to decorate a touching, precious scene or a child's photo in a very original way. In addition, the Art box will serve as a non-trivial gift, assembled and decorated with your own hands. After all, the most valuable thing in a gift is not the price, but the hidden meaning, warmth, and care with which this gift was made.

When assembled, Artbox is a 3D composition of 4 - 8 parts (layers), cut by laser cutting from MDF with a thickness of 3 mm - a non-toxic material that has a high density. The description of each artbox is accompanied by color illustration ideas that will help you to arrange the composition in accordance with your own vision and preferences.

How to decorate an artbox?

To give the finished composition individuality, you can additionally decorate some elements using materials from the assortment of Fabrika Decoru products. Use glitter, glitter paint, or glitter mousse to simulate frost or snow, the sheen of green grass or dew. With the help of texture pastes, mediums, or rustic paints, a 3-D volumetric effect can be achieved on the surface of each layer. Metallic and chameleon paints will add a specific metallic sheen to the elements of the composition, while shabby velour paints will add a cozy or vintage atmosphere to the work. The assembled Artbox is perfect for interior decoration, and can also serve as a separate decorative object. In addition, the Artbox easily turns into a night lamp if you integrate a diode strip or a glowing wire into it. It should be mentioned that the necessary materials for assembling the constructor are attached to the kit.

Where to buy Artbox?

Art boxes, as well as everything you need to decorate them: paints, texture pastes, scrapbooking paper, and die-cuts can be bought wholesale and retail in the Fabrika Decoru online shop with worldwide delivery.