These decorative wooden elements, by Fabrika Decoru, are ideal for any occasion. They can be used to decorate on specific dates, for example, some of
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Holiday decorations


Organizing an event is a complex and delicate process. In addition to the host, invitations for guests, a banquet hall, menus and music, it is also necessary to choose bright decor to decorate the holiday. Interior celebration design plays a big role in creating a festive atmosphere. Guests, of course, want to get beautiful photos and vivid impressions of what they see, so you need to carefully consider decorating the venue for the holiday.


To simplify the task of creating an original design of the festive interior, we recommend you to buy all necessary decorations in Fabrika Decoru online store. This is a great opportunity to save time and money. On our website there are various sets of coasters for cakes, sweets, candy bars made of high-quality and durable MDF. All you need is to decorate them in the color scheme of the interior or the theme of the holiday.

In the assortment of Fabrika Decoru store you will find coasters for sweets, cakes, sweets, candybars, cupcakes. There are also decorative elements and multifunctional designer trays in the form of openwork carts, carriages and steam locomotives.


Features of coasters for sweets, cakes and confectionery


  • Environmentally friendly. The material used is similar in structure to natural wood, therefore it does not have a strong odor and does not cause allergic reactions. Due to the good adhesion of the material, the base can be easily covered with decorative materials such as acrylic, metallic or glitter paints, texture pastes, mediums or decoupage techniques. To protect a decorative layer of paint or paper applications, you can use matte or glossy water-based varnish.

  • Versatility. Interestingly decorated trays, stands for sweets and cakes will make any celebration colorful and bright. Moreover, they are versatile, and can be used many times at various celebrations. In addition, original candybars and dessert stands will become bright accents that will attract the attention of guests.
  • Capacity. Thanks to their shape and design, these holiday blanks can be loaded with many different desserts and sweets. Due to their strength, such coasters can withstand a lot of weight in the form of a cake and other decorative items.
  • Saving time. It is enough to purchase several blanks, spend quite a bit of time on assembling and decorating them, and the stands for sweets and cakes are ready. Embellishments, paint, glue and sprays, in general, everything you need for colorful decoration can be found in the Fabrika Decoru online store.
  • Storage conditions. Despite the fact that a varnished or painted MDF structure can successfully withstand external influences such as sun and moisture for a long time, it is still better to store it in a dry place and not in direct sunlight.
  • Manufacturing technologies. The details of the stands for cakes and sweets are made of calibrated and smooth MDF, which eliminates the need for additional grinding and processing, and also provides convenient application of a decorative coating: paints, mousses or texture pastes.


Where to buy decorations and stands for the festive table?


You can buy functional coasters for confectionery, which are used during wedding, birthday, graduation celebrations, in the Fabrika Decoru store https://www.fdeco.eu/. Here you will find multifunctional stands for banquet halls that will decorate any event. They have original shapes and design, number of sections, size and functionality - after all, such coasters serve not only as a decoration for the hall, but are also an excellent solution for distributing desserts.