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Vinyl cover albums

A photo album is a great gift for any event. It can store memories of the brightest moments of life. Shops and photo studios offer a huge selection of albums for photos with different designs, themes, sizes and number of pages. Let's now figure out what kind of photo albums there are, and how to choose the right photo album.

What to pay attention to when buying a ready-made photo album?

Despite the fact that there a big choice of photo albums, it may be difficult to choose an appropriate gift. The point is that ready-made photo albums differ not only in design. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

● Type of inner pages fixing. There are many options here, as well as secrets and subtleties. Photo album pages can be fixed with spirals or bolts, glued into blocks or stitched. The less visible the binding of the pages is, the neater the album looks. Cirtainly, visible or protruding metal fastening elements are not suitable for all photo albums in style. So a lot depends on the design and your own preferences. However, from the point of view of reliability, all the options described above are quite practical to use.

● Album format. The most common photo album formats are: 30cm x 30cm, 20cm x 20cm, 15cm x 20cm, 15cm x 23cm.

● Number of pages. The more pages, the more photos the photo album can hold. Therefore, parameters such as size and weight will also increase respectively.

● Quality of execution. Pages in albums are made of thick paper, PVC film or cardstock. Album covers can also be made of heavy cardstock, wrapped in leather, fabric or vinyl. Each of the listed materials has a certain service life, usually directly proportional to the price.

● Additional features. Some albums allow to decorate the pages, placing on them not only photos, but also stickers, adhering some embellishments or putting something in small pockets, for example, a greeting card or tag.

However, not all commercially available photo albums can satisfy all needs. Moreover, people want to present something original, not but not a thing that can be easily found in any store. Therefore, it is much better to make a gift with your own hands, putting love and a piece of your soul into it. A handmade photo album evokes much more warm feelings than a bought one.

DIY photo album

You can create a unique photo album design yourself. One of the most popular trends in album design is the scrapbooking technique. This technique is widespread and rather easy to master. To create a scrapbooking photo album, you just need a little patience and time to choose the embellishments, correctly arrange photos and other design elements on the page, and finally adhere everything with glue or double-sided tape.

What is needed to create a photo album?

● Base. This is a blank for a photo album with pages and a cover. For example, on the Fabrika Decoru website, in the "Blank albums" section, you will find a large assortment of blank albums in vinyl and soft cloth covers.

Scrapbooking paper for decoration. In order to decorate each page of the photo album, you will need at least one or two kits of scrapbooking paper that are suitable for the chosen style and theme: wedding, children, men, schoolchildren or students.

● Tools and materials. Scissors, a ruler, a cutting mat, a cutter, glue, double-sided tape - all these items are necessary to create a photo album.

● Embellishments. Using die cuts, photo frames, chipboards, flair buttons, flowers, stickers and other decorative elements, you can easily create a beautiful and unique album.

Now we know what it takes to create a photo album, but the second question is where to find all these items?

Where to buy blank photo albums?

Advanced and experienced masters can make a photo album from scratch, but even they do not neglect the opportunity to purchase a blank album with a readymade vinyl or fabric cover. If you want to create an original inexpensive photo album, we recommend you pay attention to the section "photo albums vinyl covers". You will find more than 20 different types of albums with polka dot, floral and geometric, wood texture designs.

Scrapbook albums are a separate art form. All projects created in this technique are unique. You can buy albums in vinyl covers at wholesale and retail prices on the website of the manufacturer of goods for arts and crafts "Fabrika Decoru". We ship to Ukraine, CIS countries and all over the world.

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