ACRYLIC PAINTS for crafts and hobby

ACRYLIC PAINTS for crafts and hobby

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Acrylic paints for creativity and scrapbooking

Acrylic paints for painting and creativity have already firmly entered the life of professionals and beginners, as a more convenient version of oil, watercolors and gouache paints. The reason for this was the stability and quality of acrylic paints. They consist of pigment, water, binders, stabilizers and other additives that increase the ease of use and the quality of the finished coating. In addition, acrylic paints have a wide range of colors and effects. The obvious advantage of acrylic paints is their durability, good hiding possibility, high adhesive properties. And the absence of an unpleasant odor and toxic substances makes the use of these paints possible even for children.

What are acrylic paints for?

In the section Paints of the Fabrika Decoru online store are presented acrylic paints for hobbies and creativity, which will become indispensable companions of your creative projects. Paints are used in scrapbooking, mixed media, decoupage techniques. For example, Deco acrylic is used to paint wooden blanks, metal and plastic decorative elements, fiberboard, paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, glass, plaster and canvas. Literally, everything that is involved in creating the work! You can paint the surface of a product with acrylic, add texture with shabby velour paint, and highlight the main elements with paint with a metallic effect. Also, acrylic paints for creativity will come in handy if you are planning to draw a picture on canvas or any other basis. After all, acrylic paints can be used to cover any clean, not even primed surfaces.

What types of acrylic paints are present?

The Fabrika Decoru offers 6 types of acrylic paints:

  • Deco acrylic - colored matt acrylic paints;

  • Metallic paints - acrylic paints with a metallic effect;

  • Glitter paints - acrylic paints with a translucent effect and extraordinary shine;

  • Chameleon metallic paints are very unusual, one might say magic acrylic paints that change color at different angles of view;

  • Shabby velour paints - matt paints with the effect of a velvet, light roughly surface;

  • Rustic paints are very creative acrylic paints you can easily make vintage and roughly any surface with them.

Volume and packaging

To avoid premature drying, the packaging used for Fabrika Decoru's acrylic paints is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, deco acrylic paint in a 40ml jar does not dry out for a long time due to its thin spout. And those jars that have a wide neck are additionally sealed using a special reusable liner. It closes the jar tightly to prevent drying out. Shabby velour and rustic paints are very popular, therefore, in the Fabrika Decoru online store, there are also large 150 ml jars at a bargain price.

Where to buy acrylic paints for creativity?

Acrylic paints for creativity, scrapbooking and painting can be purchased at the Fabrika Decoru online store of goods for creativity and hobby.  Fast worldwide delivery is provided.