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  Chipboards are decorative elements of thick cardboard, which are widely used in the form of decorations and supplements, such as compositions on postcards or albums in scrapbooking or decoupage, as well as other types of hobbies and creativity. Fabrika Decoru chipboards are made of very dense cellulose cardboard of milky color with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Elements, figures, words and inscriptions of chipboards are made by laser cutting.

  Chipboards by Fabrika Decoru have crisp, clean edges. Chipboards can serve as decoration for cards or photo albums without additional coloring, because we have in stock among  the wide range of the chipboards  many as five different colors for every taste: black, gold, silver, beige chipboards and an best hit of sales - chipboards made of kraft cardboard! Also, the Fabrika Decoru chipboards can be decorated by water inks, flat or metallic sprays, acrylic paints, embossing powders, decoupling or any other materials that can also be purchased in Fabrika Decoru online store.You can buy laced, colorful and stylish themed chipboards in the scrapbooking store Fabrika Decoru, with delivery throughout the world.