glitter, pearl powder, liquid pearls, color sand for creativity and hobbies

glitter, pearl powder, liquid pearls, color sand for creativity and hobbies

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Fans of handmade things will appreciate this section of Fabrika Decoru store.

Scrapbooking is a kind of arts and crafts that involves the creation of different projects from paper and a variety of decorative materials: pastes, paints, sprays, glitter, liquid pearls, pearl powders and various toppings, such as artificial snow or colored sand. The scrapbooking technique is very common and popular in our time, thanks to the emergence of affordable materials with which you can create a unique and original author's decor.

For example, using the scrapbooking technique, you can design your favorite book, create a family photo album, notebook or gift card. Such things are not just handicrafts - these are original projects with a soul, they will be an excellent gift for a loved one or a beautiful interior decor element.

What materials are commonly used to create embellishments and decor?

To implement various creative ideas and vivid fantasies, on the website of the manufacturer of goods for arts and crafts and hobbies Fabrika Decoru, you can find a lot of high-quality and inexpensive materials, including:

  • Color sparkling glitter of various colors and shades in a convenient packaging – 20 ml jars. With the help of glitter and Liquid Scotch glue from Fabrika Decoru, you can easily create the effect of snow frost or sparkling hoarfrost on a New Year greeting card. Due to the material from which the glitter is made (colored PET film), it has high reflective characteristics. Therefore, when applied to any fixing adhesive base, it gives it a magical shine and transfusion. This material is presented in the form of a fine colored powder, so be careful when using it in order not to decorate with glitter not only a gift, but also the entire room in which you work.

  • Liquid pearl allows you to recreate a drop-shaped form in the form of pearls on various materials: fabric, wood, ceramics, glass, hardened texture paste, wax candles, including paper and cardboard. Thanks to the built-in dispenser spout, you can get pearls of various shapes and sizes. After drying, the pearls acquire hardness and a characteristic of pearl luster, which is why this material is called Liquid pearls.

  • Pearl powder is a fine pigment powder that is used in arts and crafts to create a metallic sheen effect, shimmer and a specific metallic gradient on almost any clean surface (cardboard, wood, plywood, MDF, ceramics, plastic). Pearlescent powders can be used wet or dry. They are also used with watercolors, inks, acrylics, enamels, glues, bulk pastes, embossing powders and other products. Pearlescent powder is an inexpensive and easy-to-use material that will help you decorate creative work in an original way.

  • Flavors are used as an original accent for creative works and especially gifts. Choose the flavor of your choice - chocolate, vanilla or floral notes and apply it on the pages of an album, postcard or any other gift made with soul. Such a product will forever remain in the memory and will pleasantly remind about you for a long time with a delicate, light aroma.

  • Flock (Velvet powder) is a colored velvet powder that can be used to create a velvet or velvety surface effect on any smooth material. To do this, apply Liquid Tape glue to a clean surface, let it dry and put the required amount of velvet powder of the selected color onto the area covered with glue. Lightly rub the flock with your finger into the surface, and put the rest back into the container with the material.

  • Artificial snow is a necessary material for creating New Year decor and compositions, toys, greeting cards. There are two types of snow particles in Fabrika Decoru store - large and small snowflakes. Small particles of artificial snow are used as accents in small-sized works, and large particles are used for decorations and toys.

  • Colored sand and quartz toppings are a decorative material that is often used as a filling for shakers, decorative transparent containers and vases, or as fillers for texture pastes and mediums. Quartz deco toppings are often used by mixed media professionals to achieve a rough grunge finish.

All the above mentioned materials in the store for arts and crafts and hobbies Fabrika Decoru are of high quality and safe to use, as they are non-toxic to people and harmless to the environment.

How to buy materials for arts and crafts and scrapbooking

In the specialized Fabrika Decoru store you can find any product for creating a decor, interior composition, gift or souvenir. The website has art supplies of high quality for professionals, creative kits for children and beginners.

It is possible to buy decorative materials wholesale and retail at manufacturer's prices in Fabrika Decoru store with delivery all over the world. Choose the best and create for your pleasure with us!