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Scrapbooking paper sheet


People who are really interested in handmade products do not miss the opportunity to show their creativity and individuality with modern and original tools. Scrapbooking paper is a special material that is used to create handmade projects - notebooks, greeting cards, albums, jewelry, décor, etc.

The paper is of high quality, good density, lignin free, so it does not turn yellow and does not deteriorate over time. What are the features of this product and how to choose the right paper? Let's answer the most interesting questions.


Features and types of scrapbooking paper

Depending on the ultimate goal and purpose of working with paper, consumers choose scrapbooking paper, taking into account such characteristics as:

● density and thickness

● patterns, one-side or double-sided paper

● texture of the product - matte, glossy, interspersed with glitter or absolutely even

● size of paper sheets

● gold or silver foil embossed

The denser the scrapbooking paper, the easier it is to use, and a project made of it, accordingly, is more long-lived. Thin paper is also in demand, especially for creating projects which require working with tiny details.

The sizes of scrap paper are standardized: 30x30 cm (30.5x30.5cm), 20x20cm and 15x15cm. However, many other sizes are currently being produced not to limit the creative potential of scrapbooking masters. In our store, you can buy scrapbooking paper sheet by sheet, choosing the necessary collection or theme (to decorate wedding invitations, to decorate a diary or notebook for a schoolchild, to create a planner for a student or to make a recipe book for a housewife).


How to choose the right scrapbooking paper


When creating a handmade project, a master defines two key concepts that will help in his further choice of paper and other embellishments. The first is the size of the planned project which determines the size of scrapbooking paper selected. And the second is the density of the paper. Thin paper is used for decoration and mostly is used in combination with denser and textured paper.

How to buy scrapbooking paper


Scrapbooking goods are sold in Fabrika Decoru online arts and crafts store. Scrapbooking paper is offered in a wide range in the catalog on our store website. The best designers have developed lots of patterns and images on scrapbooking paper to bring our customers' most creative ideas to life. Make purchases online or contact us for detailed advice on any commodity items.