Everything to prepare for Christmas and New Year: Decor and Blanks, Artistic Materials and Winter Effects

Everything to prepare for Christmas and New Year: Decor and Blanks, Artistic Materials and Winter Effects

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Hello everybody! Today Olga Geredzhuk @olgageredzhuk is with you. I am sharing my inspiration in the form of greeting cards made from the SPRING BOTAN
Hello everyone! Yuliia Pilat is with you today. Welcome to the cozy Fabrika Decoru blog! Today I want to share a new project, a photo frame in the sha
Hello everyone! Olga Geredzhuk @olgageredzhuk is with you today. I am sharing my inspiration in the form of greeting cards made from the "SPRING

Magic with Fabrika Decoru: gifts, Christmas decor for home

Winter is a time of fairy tales and magic: create an atmosphere of celebration with your own hands! In our online store you can buy products for needlework, home decoration and holiday table decorations. The assortment has everything for the realization of bright creative ideas of different levels of complexity. YouTube channel Fabrika Decoru offers hundreds of creative ideas of gifts for children and adults, workshops on making holiday decor for Christmas and New Year.

Ideas for gifts for the New Year

In the Fabrika Decoru blog, you will find inspiration, and the sections of the catalog will tell you what to give to your family, friends and colleagues. Handmade products are always unique and initially focused on their recipient. Scrapbooking kits Fabrika Decoru can help you implement any idea.

  • With a catalog of the online store, it is easy to congratulate the adult and child.
  • Cards and envelopes will hold your wishes, monetary gifts, certificates and cards.
  • Decorative frames, classic photo albums and "closets" are great gifts for families.
  • The baskets, chocolaterie envelopes and bonbonnières are sweet souvenirs for children and women.
  • Exclusive eco-leather binding gliders in nautical and military-style are good for men.

Creativity kits, winter stencils, stickers, cut-outs allow preparing for the holiday inexpensively, surrounding yourself with holiday handmade decor. You can always find gift wrapping and greeting cards in our "cardboard blanks" section.

New Year's Eve decor for your home

Festive decoration of garlands and snowflakes will create a magical atmosphere in your house. You can easily make exclusive decorations from wood, spending a few evenings. 

  • For New Year's Eve decorating ideas we offer:
  • baskets for fruit and sweets;
  • candleholders and carved lanterns;
  • mini Christmas trees, Santa Claus's sleigh;
  • ecological toys on a Christmas tree;
  • garlands, wreaths and pendants;
  • Advent calendars.

Look for creative inspiration in the interior decorations section. We also have faux snow, which is a faithful imitation of real snow, and sets of chipboards "Snowflakes.


Holiday table decor

We offer a wide selection of wooden blocks for any interior design. For the New Year we have prepared a collection of carved toppers for decorating dishes, cakes, gifts. Accessories made of environmentally friendly materials, created by our own hands, will make you happy on weekdays as well. 

  • Topical for the holidays are blanks for decorating:
  • candlesticks and candelabra;
  • elegant napkin holders;
  • fruit baskets.

Decorating wooden workpieces for a fabulous holiday you have fun spending your free time and inculcate a love of creativity in children. Buy wholesale holiday decorations - an attractive offer for art studios and cafe owners.

All for Christmas

Have a large stock of creative ideas and do not know where to buy Christmas decor in one place - exclusive products for the New Year in bulk and retail are sold in our online store. Fabrika Decoru - manufacturer of unique materials, kits and blanks for the hobby, with which it is easy to decorate the house and make gifts. With us you will not be bored all year long. Orders are sent to all regions of the country and abroad. Keep an eye out for pre-holiday discounts to shop more profitably.


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