Artificial Snow for Christmas and New Year decorations

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Artificial snow for decorations

Winter is the best time to buy artificial snow to decorate gifts, interiors and scrapbooking projects. Not so long ago we had to experiment with polystyrene, shaving foam, soda, starch. But now TM Fabrika Decoru  helps all creative people. Our snow deco topping will help you create a festive atmosphere in your home and make unique hand-made gifts for friends.

Frequently asked questions about deco-topping "Snow"

The variety of materials for arts and crafts by Fabrika Decoru allows you to make different scrapbooking projects from the beginning to the end. Beginners mastering the popular hand-made art face a number of questions regarding the products.

o   What is snow deco-topping for?

Toppings imitating snow and hoarfrost are used to decorate "winter" crafts, postcards, New Year toys, masks, costumes. The crumbly substance adds a slight 3D effect to finished projects.

o   How to glue artificial snow?

For fixing "snowflakes", you can use glues "Universal" or "Liquid tape" by TM Fabrika Decoru. The adhesive base is applied in a thin layer to the "snowy" areas and sprinkled with topping.

Under the Fabrika Decoru brand, toppings are produced in small and large particles that realistically imitate freshly fallen snow. To enhance the effect, add glass drops with Northern Lights glitter to your order. The materials are non-toxic and easy to use.

5 ideas for using artificial snow

New Year and Christmas are on the way - it's time to start preparing gifts and decorating the house. Haven't used artificial snow before? Check for the reviews on the blog and find out how and where to apply it. One package of topping is enough to create a New Year interior decor, decorate a festive table and decorate gifts.

You and your loved ones will enjoy:

o   greeting cards;

o   New Year chocolate boxes;

o   photo albums and diaries;

o   elegant "winter" photo frames;

o   hand-made Christmas decorations.

Goods for a hobby by the Ukrainian manufacturer will allow to realize any creative plan. In the catalog you can select the necessary blanks and consumables for making postcards, photo albums and gliders, unique packaging for New Year gifts. Orders are sent across Ukraine and abroad.


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