Medium acrylic, color Black, 400ml

Medium acrylic, color Black, 400ml
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Medium acrylic, color Black, 400ml
Медиум акриловый черный, 400 мл
Medium acrylic, color Black, 400ml
Item No: FDMBL 400
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This versatile medium acrylic black, 400 ml is a must-have for any artist looking to create beautiful artworks. Perfect for use on a variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, cardboard, fiberboard, particleboard, and fabrics, this primer is applied as a matte black color and acts as a perfect base for further work with sprays, texture pastes, and texture paints. Perfect for mixed media techniques and different types of arts and crafts, this primer is essential for bringing your creativity to life!  More

"Medium acrylic black" applied as matte black primer for further work with sprays, texture pastes, texture paints on different surfaces, like paper, wood, cardboard, fiberboard, particleboard, fabrics. Also used as an independent agent for final or intermediate decorative coating of collages, art objects, chipboards, plaster and plastic decor. It has resist effect. May be used to create a light texture. It is used in scrapbooking and other forms of creativity. 

Application methods: brush, foam sponge, palette knife, roller.

Terms of use:

  • Apply at temperatures above +5C.
  • After use tools, containers and workplace rinse with warm water.
  • Store in a tightly closed container at a temperature above +5C.
  • After contact with skin wash off with warm water and soap.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Vol.: 400ml
Manufactured by "Fabrika Decoru", Ukraine.

Important! This product cannot be shipped at a temperature below 0°C
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