Pearl spray Purple Crystal 50 ml

жемчужный спрей фиолетовый кристалл 50 мл фабрика декору
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Жемчужный спрей Фиолетовый кристалл 50 мл
Жемчужный спрей Фиолетовый кристалл 50 мл
Жемчужный спрей Фиолетовый кристалл 50 мл
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Pearl spray Purple Crystal 50 ml is designed to create an effect of pearl coating in creative and papercraft projects  More

Pearl spray Purple Crystal 50 ml is a water-based ink that consists of a pearlescent pigment, a special adhesive material, and purified water. “Pearl spray” is non-toxic, acid-free and designed to coat paper, cardboard, fiberboard, wood, fabric, and any primed surfaces. The palette consists of soft, natural, translucent colors. After drying, the surface forms a pearl coating. The colors can be mixed with each other to form new tints and shades.

Important! Pearlescent pigment particles gravitate to the bottom of the bottle after some time. The spray should be shaken vigorously before usage.

Terms and conditions of use:

  • Do not give to children under 14 years.

  • Work in rubber gloves.

  • After work clean the sprayer with a wet cloth and put on the protective cover.

  • Store in a dark place at temperatures from 5° C to 25°C.

  • Package: 50ml bottles.

Produced by "Fabrika Decoru", Ukraine

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