Glitter Black silver 20 ml

глиттер черное серебро 20 мл
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Глиттер Черное серебро 20 мл
Глиттер Черное серебро 20 мл
Глиттер Черное серебро 20 мл
Item No: FDGL 20
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UAH 27
Glitter used in arts and crafts, for creation a sparkling and shimmering surface.  More

Glitter - dry powder of tiny sparkles. Durable and easy to use, it has a high reflectivity. Used in arts and crafts, for creation a sparkling and shimmering surface.
Glitter can be mixed with any paste or glue and may use in any painting technique, simply applying this mix like paint onto the surface, using a brush. To achieve a brighter effect, you can use another method: apply the adhesive on the surface to be decorated, and while it does not dry out, sprinkle glitter on adhesive layer.

Features of the application:
  • Non-toxic;
  • Keep tightly closed in a dry place;
  • Do not give to children under 14 years;
  • Volume: 20 ml.
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