Aqua Spray Sensuous pink 50 ml

аква-спрей чувственно-розовый 50 мл фабрика декору
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аква-спрей чувственно-розовый 50 мл фабрика декору
аква-спрей чувственно-розовый 50 мл фабрика декору
Item No: FDSM 013
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UAH 37
Flat spray paint Aqua-Spray “Sensuous pink” is designed to work on paper, cardboard, fiberboard, wood, fabric and any surfaces covered with soil. The palette has soft, natural, translucent colors and a bottle bottle that simulates an airbrush.  More

Aqua or watercolor spray is water-based non-toxic and acid free ink. “Aqua spray” is designed to coat paper, cardboard, fiber board, wood, fabric, and any primed surfaces. The palette consists of soft, natural, translucent colors. After drying it creates a matte (flat) surface. The colors are blended together to form new tints and shades.

Terms and conditions of use:

  • Do not give to children under 14 years

  • Store in a dark place at temperature from 5° C to 25°C.

  • Package: 50ml bottles

Produced by TM “Fabrika Decoru”, Ukraine

FDSM 013
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