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Kraft paper


Kraft paper is a decorative paper made from natural materials. Now it is widely used in scrapbooking and gift design. The main feature of this paper is its composition. It contains completely degradable materials, in particular wood fibers.

Despite the development of chemical production, brown color is a characteristic feature of kraft paper. This is due to the fact that during the manufacturing process such paper is processed with a minimum amount of chemicals.



  • Environmentally friendly. Due to its natural composition, absence of dyes and minimal processing, kraft paper is considered to be the most environmentally friendly material.

  • Strength. Not only decorative elements are made of kraft paper; boxes and containers of different kinds are also made from this material. Moreover, the word “kraft” is of German origin and means "durable".

  • Resistance to moisture. Kraft paper quickly absorbs moisture without softening.

  • Breathable. Since containers and bags for food are made from kraft paper, the material is highly breathable, preventing the products from deteriorating.

  • Aesthetics. The brown color of natural wood looks great in combination with any other color. And the paper itself is soft and pleasant to the touch.

  • Print. Printed elements are clearly visible on kraft paper, moreover, it can be printed on any printer.

What is kraft paper made of?



This paper is made from natural wood fibers. It undergoes sulfate boiling, due to which the material becomes flexible and elastic. When processing raw materials, the peeled trunks are grounded into small chips. Further, the necessary substances are added to convert chips into cellulose mass.

Prepared cellulose is a subject to pressing on special equipment. This contributes to the production of long rolls of kraft paper. The compressed raw material is dried out and cut into sheets of the required size. Polymer additives in the composition of the material make it waterproof and promote moisture absorption.




  • Packaging material. Kraft paper is widely used in design. You can wrap bouquets, gifts, greeting cards, parcels in it.

  • Multipurpose material. Due to its color and softness, kraft paper is widely used in different projects. This is a great canvas for sketches and drawings.

  • Products for packaging. Kraft paper is used to make envelopes, paper bags and packages, boxes, albums and clothing tags.


Where to buy craft paper?


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